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Sunway Resort Hotel And Spa Logo Buka Puasa Fiesta @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

The culinary brigade at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa has designed a mammoth spread of traditional favourites for the holy month of fasting. The Hotel’s buka puasa buffets at the flagship 5-star Hotel’s brand new all day dining outlet, Fuzion, and the 4-star Pyramid Tower Hotel’s Atrium Café, will bring on a nostalgic feel with a host of traditional favourites featured from now until 29 August 2011.

Fuzion’s buka puasa buffet is priced at RM128++ per adult and RM64++ per child aged 12 years and below. Alongside the wide array of traditional local favourites, sumptuous international delights also take highlight every sundown in this contemporary restaurant where sights, smell and sounds come together to deliver a feast for the senses. ‘Live’ action stations dot its outdoor terrace, in addition to the widespread buffet dominating its indoor dining area. The chic Atrium Café lays out an equally tantalising spread. Its buffet is also complemented by ‘live’ action stations, and is priced at RM98++ per adult and RM49++ per child aged 12 years and below.

From left: Gulai Udang Pisang Muda, Kambing Buah Kurma Bakar

For a more rewarding experience, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa is extending a 20% discount to patrons of Fuzion and 40% discount to diners at Atrium Café for its Buka Puasa Fiesta until 29 August 2011.

With 6 menus on rotation, both restaurants feature a wide array of salads, appetisers, Ramadan chips, nuts, pickles, soups, hot dishes, pastries as well as ‘live’ action stations with a colourful palette of traditional delicacies. Observe the tradition of berbuka puasa with Buah Kurma, before quenching thirst with sweet beverages such as Air Tebu, Air Longan, Air Sirap Selasih, Air Bandung and Air Kacang Soya Jagung. An assortment of much-loved sweetmeats including Kuih-Muih, Tapai, Lepat, Pulut, Apam, Dodol, Putu Beras, Buah Melaka, Akok and more makes for a delicious start thereafter.

To prepare the palate for a bountiful meal ahead, choose from a selection of heart-warming soups, salad and appetisers. Relish bowls of piping hot Sup Pindang Selasih Asam Gelugur, Sup Daging Kentang, Sup Kambing Berempah, Sup Kepala Ikan Dengan Tomato, Sup Ekor Berserai and a scrumptious variety of Ulam, Rojak, Acar, Kerabu, Paru Goreng, Tempe Asam, Ubi Benggala Udang Kepal Sambal, Urap Kerah Bercili, Kerabu Sotong Bunga Kantan, and Pincuk Jantung Pisang Muda appearing within the widespread buffets.

From the ‘live’ action station, tuck into Ayam Dara Goreng Berempah, Anika Lautan Panggang, Popiah Basah, Murtabak, Roti Canai, Satay, Claypot Yee Mee, Lok-Lok, Laksa Utara, Burung Puyuh Goreng Pandan, Nyonya Mee Curry, Samosa, Curry Puff, Sotong Kangkung, Prawn Noodles, Nasi Lemak and Mee Jawa, amongst others.

At Atrium Café, the buka puasa culinary feast takes off with delectable main dishes representing the states of Malaysia, from North to South. Take your pick from a huge variety consisting of hot dishes like Kambing Kuzi, Kari Ayam Kapitan, Botok-Botok Ikan, Ayam Permata Zamrud, Sambal Tumis Udang Harimau and Ikan Siakap Masak Taucu Pedas, just to name a few.

From left: Botok-Botok Ikan, Ekor Lembu Masak Semur

Whereas in Fuzion, partake in a symphony of classic favourites such as Gulai Itik Jawa Pekan, Daging Goreng 1960, Ayam Masak Kicap Batang Bonar, Udang Galah Sambal Tumis, Ikan Patin Gulai Tempoyak and more. Painstakingly slow-cooked in Chef’s recipe is the Gulai Kawah that steals the limelight at Fuzion. Stationed at the outdoor terrace, it is certain to be a feast for the eyes and the palate as Chef whips up the best Beef Gulai to accompany the assembly of Lemang and Ketupat.

Carrying on the gourmet expedition is a range of ocean fresh seafood on ice, comprising Tiger Prawns, Mussels, Oysters and Flower Crabs. There are also other delights such as Baked Snapper, Smoked Lamb Leg, Orange Marinated Duck Breast and Grilled Beef Salad, alongside an array of tempting grills of Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Quail on top of others. Additionally joining the line-up are mouth-watering preparations of Chinese favourites which include Yong Tau Foo, Roasted Crispy Peking Duck and Fried Bamboo Clam with Shrimp Paste.

100 Condiments Ice-Kacang

Round off the fulfilling feast with servings of steaming hot Bubur and Pengat, featuring Serawa Pisang, Bubur Kacang, Bubur Barli, Sira Labu, Serawa Nangka, Som-Som, Pengat Labu, Bubur Pulut Hitam Dengan Santan and Pengat Labu Kuning Dengan Sago. Further tuck into tasty cakes, tarts, kuih, dodol, cookies and other sweet delights. As if it is not enough, devour as many scoops of Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream at the ice cream corner to peak the whole experience. Finally, wash it all down with the ever-popular Teh Tarik and Local Coffee.

Available specially at Atrium Café, every Ice-Kacang fanatic will rave over our version of shaved ice with 100-condiments.

For the convenience of all Muslim guests, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa and Pyramid Tower Hotel offer separate male and female prayer rooms.
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