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Sponsored Link: Citarasa Chef @ Bunga Emas Restaurant! The malay food culture is all about joy, family and tradition. Nenek’s and Umi’s recipes are passed on with care and pride, each one a symbol of family’s heritage and roots. At Bunga Emas, our Malay Chefs ensure that every meal served is at its excellence and Citarasa Chef if the menu that has it all.
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Palms Cafe Logo Ramadhan with Palm Buffet @ Palms Cafe, Palm Garden Hotel

Break fast at one of the best Ramadhan buffets around Putrajaya as we observe the holy month with a sumptuous buffet from 9 August till 8 September 2010.

On the buffet enjoy Palms Café specialties such as Whole Roast Lamb, Sup Gearbox, Kari Kepala Ikan Salmon, Sotong Sumbat, a variety of kurma, and many more. The laden buffet of desserts and refreshing beverages will have you going back again and again for more.

The Ramadan buffet is served at Palms Cafe, Courtyard and Function rooms depending on reservations.
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