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Welcome to Suchan! Suchan is a semi fine dining restaurant and café with humble beginnings as a deli the suburb in malaysia more than a decade ago.

As a brand, Suchan is known for its home-styled quality, chemical or gelatine free cakes and tantalizing east meets west home cooked food.

To top it all, Suchan has won numerous awards that include kuala lumpur's top restaurant in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2003. Suchan has also been selected by the leading gourmet guide as one of malaysia's finest restaurants.

All the above awards and recognition is attributed to the consistent application of unpretentious, quality control and excellent customer service successfully.

Specialties at Suchan:

banoffee pie
carrot cake
blackforest gateau
mmm—mocha macadamia madness
missisippi mud pie
blueberry cheesecake
devil’s food cake
italian cream cake
mango cheesecake
mascarpone cheesecake
oreo cheesecake
paradise chocolate cake

hazelnut dome
home-made traditional fresh apple pie
banana torte
lemon cheesecake
butterless, flourless orange and almonds
walnut cheesecake
sourdough chocolate cake
pear n ginger upside down pudding
wild mushroom soup
top hats
prawns and mango salad
vietnamese spring rolls
beef lasange, chicken lasagne
alfredo pasta
Parmesan fish and chips
traditional chicken pies
Thai Laksa
Nasi Kerabu
beef noodles
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