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Back to Memory Lane @ De Tai Tong Dim Sum Restaurant
Oriental Chopstick  Back to Memory Lane @ De Tai Tong Dim Sum Restaurant
Tai Tong Dim Sum was one of my most favourite place to eat during dinner hours when we were around town. A short walk away from Prangin Mall/Komtar, this might be one of the very few places that serve dim sum not only for breakfast, but for dinner as well. Golden hues of yellow; wobbly and velvety smooth egg custard baked within a layer of crisp pastry. Looks like the average egg tarts sold by the streets. But this was definitely a cut above the rest ...  more
Best Char Siew @ Bercham Cheong Kee Restaurant
Lunch Different  Best Char Siew @ Bercham Cheong Kee Restaurant
Bercham Cheong Kee (pronounced as “Seong Kee” in Cantonese) does not only roast almost perfect Char Siew, but a mean Siew Cheong (those pork sausages with innards), and a commendable roast chicken too. That’s how Mum saves time and cut the Char Siew into bite-sized pieces. This slab looks rather lean, but in reality, the pork was tender, moist and perfectly balanced between lean meat and melt-in-mouth layers of fat. You don’t even need the accompanying sauce ...  more
Delicious Delights @ Penang Street Food
Stall Stories  Delicious Delights @ Penang Street Food
The almost legendary Beach Street’s aunty selling banana pancakes with raisin and lots of toasted sesame seeds. One of a kind, no doubt. There is also The Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee to you and me) with mantis prawns. Just like how Ah Leng Char Kuey Teow upped the ante with the addition of the ‘premium’ crustaceans. A springy egg noodles served with prawn dumplings and slices of BBQ pork (in Penang, it’s almost too common to get fried dumplings and wantan mee with sambal belacan ...  more
Guest Chef
Billy Yong
Sous Chef of Cinnamon Coffee House, Billy Yong is an outstanding Malaysian Chef who has participated in many culinary competitions like Culinaire Malaysia, Healthy Hiltonian Award and Quantum Food Academy. His foray into the hospitality industry began in year 1995, where he joined Hilton KL as a Commis III, Kitchen Helper and Main Kitchen Artist. Three years later, he joined Regent Hotel KL as Commis III in the Main Kitchen and was later promoted to Commis II ...  more
Recipe Sharing
Sang Har Noodles
Sang Har Noodles
Deep-Fried Wanton Noodles with Fresh Water Prawn and Vegetables in Egg Sauce
150 gFresh Wanton Noodles
250 gFresh Water Prawn
20 gGinger
1 no.Egg
30 gCarrot
20 gSpring Onion
for garnishingChinese Parsley
100 gPotato Starch
60 gCooking Oil
to tasteSesame Oil
15 gChicken Stock
to tasteSalt
to tasteWhite Pepper Powder
to tasteSugar
Lonely Abalone
Lonely Abalone
Is it a waste of money or truly a rich’s man’s fantasy? Does it taste as good as it is priced? As an auspicious symbol of prosperity and affluent status, abalone has proven to be an ego boost for men and women around the world. With its shapely look reminiscent to a gold ingot, the abalone has been one of the most sought after seafood ...
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