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Dining Highlight
Of Steamboat & Farewells @ K-Kai Corner
Buffet Sensations  Of Steamboat & Farewells @ K-Kai Corner
We reach to the myriad of fresh seafood at K-Kai Corner Restaurant located along Jalan Lahat in between Menglembu and Ipoh. Shells and all, got dumped into the stock; probably adding concentrated flavours into your soup of choice (pick from the usual herbal, fish head, tom yum, clear broth, porridge, etc) the cauldron of love got bubbling and boiling with excitement ...  more
Celebrate Togetherness @ New Formosa Restaurant
Oriental Chopstick  Celebrate Togetherness @ New Formosa Restaurant
It is never too late for a gathering of family and friends to celebrate the special bond we shared over a piping hot meal, especially in the affordable set menu, offered by New Formosa Restaurant in conjunction with its 36th anniversary ...  more
Here’s a Happy Ice Cream Cake to You @ Baskin-Robbins
Master-Piece  Here’s a Happy Ice Cream Cake to You @ Baskin-Robbins
Hoping to turn your next big event into a success? Cakes traditionally occupy the place of honour at any occasion, but ice cream, on the other hand, is a timeless favourite that endears itself to practically any average person on the street. How then, does one manage amaze others with impressive ingenuity by allowing people to have their cake and eat it too – with an icy bonus? Here’s a Happy Ice Cream Cake to you! Gracing your next special day with the delicate touch of icy smoothness ...  more
Guest Chef
Billy Yong
Sous Chef of Cinnamon Coffee House, Billy Yong is an outstanding Malaysian Chef who has participated in many culinary competitions like Culinaire Malaysia, Healthy Hiltonian Award and Quantum Food Academy. His foray into the hospitality industry began in year 1995, where he joined Hilton KL as a Commis III, Kitchen Helper and Main Kitchen Artist. Three years later, he joined Regent Hotel KL as Commis III in the Main Kitchen and was later promoted to Commis II ...  more
Recipe Sharing
Sang Har Noodles
Sang Har Noodles
Deep-Fried Wanton Noodles with Fresh Water Prawn and Vegetables in Egg Sauce
150 gFresh Wanton Noodles
250 gFresh Water Prawn
20 gGinger
1 no.Egg
30 gCarrot
20 gSpring Onion
for garnishingChinese Parsley
100 gPotato Starch
60 gCooking Oil
to tasteSesame Oil
15 gChicken Stock
to tasteSalt
to tasteWhite Pepper Powder
to tasteSugar
Lonely Abalone
Lonely Abalone
Is it a waste of money or truly a rich’s man’s fantasy? Does it taste as good as it is priced? As an auspicious symbol of prosperity and affluent status, abalone has proven to be an ego boost for men and women around the world. With its shapely look reminiscent to a gold ingot, the abalone has been one of the most sought after seafood ...
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