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Rojak Manjung in Sitiawan
Rojak Manjung, various ingredients for rojak's preparation
Notice the various ingredients to be chosen for your customized serving of Rojak?

Rojak refers to a popular type of salad commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (known as rujak, refers to Selba’s blog for various versions of the rujak), consisting of fruits and vegetables (and other ingredients occassionally), and served with accompanying sauce.

Rojak Manjung, articles & featured stories
Rojak Manjung gained considerable fame … as proven by various articles, featured stories, and of course, words-of-mouth

There are various intepretations of this simple dish, from the common Rojak with thick, gooey black shrimp paste and peanut sauce, to Pasembur-type of rojak with slightly different ingredients (cucur udang/prawn fritters, tauhu/beancurd, etc) and a sweeter yet spicy sauce. Of course, there’s always other sensationalized versions, such as those with other not-so-common ingredients such as youtiao/yau char kwai/Chinese cruellers, cuttlefish (else known as sotong kangkung), cuts of papaya, etc.

Rojak Manjung
Rojak Manjung @ RM3.20 (regular serving)

I’ve read about this place in Sitiawan serving delicious and popular Rojak Manjung some time ago. Noted to self; “Gotta give it a try, seeing that Sitiawan’s all about Hock Chew food, hawker fare, or seafood only.” And of course, cendol as well. Come to think of it, if only this rojak can be served together with that cendol from James, then it’s HOLY matrimony, people!

Lovely combination of ingredients, from their crispy and flavourful cucur udang (prawn fritters), a whole boiled egg, fish cakes and cubed potatoes, to other funky ingredients such as filament stick (or crab stick – another one of those bogus wannabes, fish paste masquerading as crabs?), peparu (cow’s lungs!), tempe (a Javanese delicacy made from fried soybean.

Coupled with that thick, spicy sauce with chopped peanuts, the platter of goodies was taken up to a whole new level …. of greater heights, should I say. Minor gripe? The small serving of sauce was far from enough to ‘banjir‘ (flood) my plate of rojak. Additional sauce can be obtained at extra charge, should you feel like slurping on the gravy.

Rojak Manjung, Rice with Dishes
They serve rice with dishes as well. The Rendang Cendawan (curry mushrooms, literally) is one of their most popular dish, being covered in the media as well.

They operate from 9am til 7pm everyday, except Sundays. Aside from their famed Rojak, one can choose to have a more filling portion of rice and dishes for lunch here. The boss highly recommended their Rendang Cendawan, probably the first time I’ve came across such combination. Vowing to try the dish someday for lunch, I’ll be sure to return for more.

Rojak Manjung, Ambience
Look for the D’Mara sign, in case you can’t find this place

Rojak Manjung
No 6, Plaza Mara Sitiawan,
Jalan Lumut,
32000 Sitiawan, Perak.

Tel: +6012 507 5453
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