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A Leisure Lunch @ Ming Wei, Bukit Tinggi Klang
During last Labour Day, we drove to Banting to visit a friend and stop over at Bukit Tinggi for lunch. Before we left for the journey, Sid did a food search at FoodStreet to see any good place for lunch in Klang and found out about Restaurant Ming Wei at Bukit Tinggi Klang, and it is well recommended.

Restaurant Ming Wei, entrance view
Entrance View

With the map provided from the FoodStreet, it was so easy to find this restaurant without much problem and we arrived just nice for lunch. As usual we ordered a pot of warm Chinese tea before ordering our food.

Restaurant Ming Wei, tea pot set
Tea Pot Set

As there were about four of us in this trip, we decided to order a few dishes. We were recommended scramble egg with tomato and prawns, “far chew kai’ deep fried chicken with coated sauce, the house favourite “san yu ying yang” fresh water fish cooked in two different ways, “fun yok” braised pork in dark sauce and a vegetable dish.

Restaurant Ming Wei, scramble egg with tomato and prawns
Scramble Egg with Tomato & Prawns

I like the scramble egg with tomato and prawns very much as the dish was not too dry and was very tasty, moist and fragrant too.

Restaurant Ming Wei, 'far chew' deep fried chicken with coated sauce
"Far Chew" Deep Fried Chicken

This chicken dish is delicious as it was crunchy and was well coated with sweet sauce. It really goes very well with the plate of rice that I was having.

Restaurant Ming Wei, 'san yee yeng yeong' fresh water fish
“San Yu Ying Yang” Fresh Water Fish

This fresh water fish called “San Yee” was done to perfection which suited well to my liking. The chef had one side of the fish steamed and used the remaining meat to stir fry with ginger and spring onion. The fish was fresh and did not have a single muddy taste, just perfectly done.

Restaurant Ming Wei, 'fun yok' braised pork in dark sauce
'fun yok' braised pork in dark sauce

I like this braised pork in dark sauce dish called “Fun Yok” but Sid find it a bit strong in taste. It was braised well and the meat was soft, moist and goes well with rice.

Restaurant Ming Wei, homemade dishes
Feast of Homemade Dishes

The food here is good, reasonable and will definitely be back for another good lunch.

Restaurant Ming Wei
No. 9-00-1, Lorong Batu Nilam 1C,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi,
41200 Klang,
Selangor, Malaysia.
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