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A Muslim kosher Style of Food by Master Ren who All the Way from China
Stepping into Master Ren Family Dishes in SS2, you will not find much Chinese characters on the wall. In fact what you will find is Quranic verses frame or Arabic calligraphy on the bamboo scroll, you can also find self made lantern hanging on top the wall.

Master Ren Family Dishes

Master Ren Family Dishes

Opened in October 2008, this restaurant is run by Chinese Muslim from China, with four foreign chefs who specialize in the china style of Muslim kosher food.

Master Ren Family Dishes

Master Ren Family Dishes

“I started to have this idea of setting up a Chinese Muslim restaurant during my visit to Malaysia in the year 2004.” said restaurant owner Liang Fei. Liang also known as Yusuf, is from the predominantly Muslim Hui tribe in Xi Bei, China. He started the restaurant in partnership with Mr. Cui who is consider the “Sifu” of Master Ren and has been in Malaysia for 13 years.

Master Ren Family Dishes

“Master Ren Family dish aims at bridging the gap for Chinese Muslim who miss their food back at home. We received customers as far as Seremban who are actually Muslim from China and studying here in Malaysia," added Liang.

Master Ren Family Dishes, Special Claypot Mutton Belly
Special Claypot Mutton Belly

The most interesting thing of this dish is the mutton with its tender and soft texture. Unlike other mutton dishes, one can hardly smell the gamey mutton,. The secret lies  in the preparation of the meat as it is very tedious. Apparently the mutton will go through a 6 hours process before it become a dish.

The mutton is double boiled with Chinese herbs, which gives the dish and herbal stock as opposed to a gamey dish. More than 10 different varieties of Chinese herbs is used to prepare this dish.

Master Ren Family Dishes, Special Flat Noodle
Special Flat Noodle

The Special Flat Noodle (RM5.00) also requires a tedious 6 hours to prepare. The noodle has to be made by hand in order to make the noodle flat. Liang said that the dish is served cold as Malaysia is a tropical humid country and such dish can reduce body heatiness.

Master Ren Family Dishes, Gua Qi Tea Seed
Gua Qi Tea Seed

Gua Qi leaves is used to make the tea and it is said to be good for the eyes.

Due to the long, tedious hours of preparing the food, booking in advanced is required as Master Ren Family Dishes can only cater to 30 portions per day.

Master Ren Family Dishes
No. 34, 2nd Floor, Jalan SS2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel/Fax: 603 7877 9158

Operating hours:
10am - 10pm (everyday, close onevery Tuesday fortnight)
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