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Hadramawt : Authentic Middle Eastern and Yemeni Cuisine @ Chulan Square
We all have certain food preferences, but sometimes, we need to get out of our comfort zone to find out what has our country’s multiculturalism brought to our shore.

Perhaps this new restaurant in Chulan Square would be the best place to get started. Proclaimed to be the first Yemeni restaurant in Malaysia, Hadramawt opened its doors to the public on 1st January 2008, offering an extensive array of authentic Middle Eastern and some Lebanese cuisine, with the recipes all derived from the original country.

Just for reference, Hadramawt (or Hadramaut) is a historical region of the south Arabian Peninsula along the Gulf of Aden, part of Yemen.

The ambiance was very much influenced by Arabian concept, with carved wooden motifs, colourful lamps, carpets and pictures of the real Hadramawt itself. You can choose either to sit on ground level or upstairs but according to the manager, Mr. Hamza, his patrons prefer the latter. If you think that you saw the interior somewhere before, you are right as Hadramawt was featured in the local Malay drama, Janji Diana.

Fried Kebah

Although Hadramawt does not provide set lunch or dinner, fret not as the price tags for a la carte items were surprisingly reasonable. For a good appetite-whetter, the Deep Fried Kebah (RM 12), is a good starter. Being a deep fried dish made from minced lamb and herbs, it’s crispy at the outside while remain flavourful at the inside and doesn’t have the typical strong lamb odour. The Shrimp Cocktail (RM 30) is visually appealing; boiled shelled shrimps served with lettuce and Thousand Island sauce.

Shrimp Cocktail


If meat isn’t your preferred choice, how about some greens as substitute? We absolutely adore a type of Arabic salad called Fattoosh (RM 8), an interesting mix of diced tomato, green onion, fresh parsley, mint, sliced romaine lettuce, toasted pita bread and molasses. Slightly tangy but you can practically feel the freshness of the ingredients burst in your mouth!

Mixed Grill

Mixed Salad

If you wanna try the meat but not too adventurous, perhaps you can go for the Mixed Grilled Lamb and Chicken (sheesh tawooq) combination (RM 20) which somehow resembles kebab, minus the sticks. For vegetarian, Mixed Salad (RM 20) is a good choice; it basically consist of 8 types of vegetarian dishes in one platter such as Fattoosh, Mutabal, Baba Ghanog, Hummos and Tehenah salad. Most of them are served in the grinded form which looks like a paste to go with pita bread except Fattoosh.

Haneed Lamb
*Picture courtesy of Hadramawt Restaurant

Also worth mention are the Haneed Lamb (RM 21) and also Fahsa (RM 20), being both a lamb dish. The Haneed Lamb was firstly wrapped in aluminium foil with spices and slowly cooked over charcoal, resulting a very succulent and tender lamb meat and served on a bed of fluffy Mendy rice. The Fahsa on the other hand, is a stew made of lamb cutlets with lamb soup, spices and "holba" (an ingredient which looks like cheese after it’s cooked) in a deep pot made of stone.

*Picture courtesy of Hadramawt Restaurant

Extra points:
  • Al fresco section is available upstairs for smoking patrons.
  • Accepts private functions with private rooms and surau (open for Muslim customers) and also outside catering.
  • All dishes are halal (no pork).
  • Accept most credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).
  • 10% discount available for Middle Eastern students.
  • Parking spaces available behind the restaurant.
Will I be back? Certainly I do, especially after my love affair with Fattoosh and Haneed Lamb.

Hadramawt Restaurant
Lot 7 & 7A, Block B,
Chulan Square,
92, Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,

Contact No.: 03-2142 2744
Business Hour: 11am – 1am on weekdays, 11am – 2am on weekends.
(Last order 12.30am)
(Pork Free)
article and photo by Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong!  |  Permalink
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