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Claypot Heaven @ Claypot Briyani Hut
Joining the new eatery heirloom in The Strand, Kota Damansara is none other than Claypot Briyani Hut. Opened in early January this year, it offers hot piping briyani rice and other delicacies in claypot giving you the best in Indian cuisine.

Claypot Briyani Hut

Claypot Briyani Hut

There are several types of briyani rice here. To name a few, there are Claypot Briyani Fish, Claypot Briyani Chicken and Claypot Briyani Prawn. Imported from Northern India, the rice is cooked in claypot with cinnamon, clove, mint, coriander, cardamon, curry leaves, cashew nut, garlic, ginger and dried chilies.

Claypot Briyani Hut

With such ‘star studded’ spices, it delivers aromatic rice and served hot. Each grain of rice is covered by the ingredients used and tempts the palate even more. It is served with a hard-boiled egg and celery slices. Additionally, the marination used to prepare the poultry and seafood is freshly made using own recipe. The Claypot Briyani Chicken is tender and packed with flavours.

Claypot Briyani Chicken, Claypot Briyani Hut
Claypot Briyani Chicken

The meal is never complete without the famous Claypot Fish Head Curry. Using red snapper to prepare this dish, its meat is soft to the bite and abundant with lady fingers and brinjals. As usual, its abundance in spice and curry made it oomph in its own way and a delish to delight in.

Claypot Fish Head Curry, Claypot Briyani Hut
Claypot Fish Head Curry

Another well-known dish is the Claypot Crab. Packed with chili, curry leaves, dried shrimps, cinnamon and lemongrass, the crabs are wrapped with spice goodness. Beware as you’ll need to order another glass of water to cool the temperature down!

Claypot Crab, Claypot Briyani Hut
Claypot Crab

Besides rice, it also serves Singapore Meehoon. It may look plain but one bite into it clears all your doubts away. It is done just right with the perfect taste and one bite is definitely not enough! It also comes with chicken, prawns and vegetables.

Singapore Meehoon, Claypot Briyani Hut
Singapore Meehoon

To have something different, have the Chicken Satay. It comes without sticks as it is made convenient for patrons by using chicken fillet and drenched in home-made satay sauce. The crushed peanut lends a hand in texture. There are onion and cucumber cubes at the sides as well.

Chicken Satay, Claypot Briyani Hut
Chicken Satay

Besides these, Claypot Briyani House serves breakfast menu, Asian and Western delights as well. If you crave for some spicy food with a little twist, you can always dine in here.

Claypot Briyani Hut
No. 47-G, Jalan PJU 5/20,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03 6142 2710
article and photo by Esther Loh  |  Permalink
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