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Bismillah Cendol & Ansari Famous Cendol in Taiping
Bismillah Cendol And Ansari Famous Cendol
Bismillah Cendol @ Jalan Barrack in Taiping

A visit to the town of Taiping is never complete without a taste of the famous Taiping cendol. There are several stalls/outlets selling their own concoction of the evergreen dessert, with each having their own followers and detractors.

Bismillah Cendol And Ansari Famous Cendol
A bowl of Cendol with Red Beans, and Pulut (Glutinous Rice)

Bismillah Cendol's history runs deep, seemingly carving their name from the famous Bismillah restaurant (still operating, in case you're wondering) in town. Years ago, this cendol stall was operating in front of the restaurant, hence the name Bismillah Cendol. But since then, this stall has moved to a proper shoplot, with tables being set up on the sidewalk as well, catering to the many fans of this delightful treat, from near and far.

At Bismillah, you can 'customize' your bowl of cendol, either opting for one with nothing but only the green strands made from pea flour, or additional red beans, or even with 'pulut' or glutinous rice. Served with shaved ice, palm syrup (gula melaka), and coconut milk, the sweet treat is perfect on a sunny day.

Location : Jalan Barrack, Taiping.

Bismillah Cendol And Ansari Famous Cendol
Ansari Famous Cendol @ Jalan Chung Thye Phin, Taiping.

Another contender to the throne? This stall has existed since 1940, and churning out bowls after bowls of cendol to the locals, as well as tourists from all over.

Bismillah Cendol And Ansari Famous Cendol
A regular serving ..... don't come here on a full stomach.

Whereas at Bismillah Cendol, you can have your bowl of cendol with laksa, at Ansari's, you can choose to have them with a plate of Pasembur (Indian Rojak). The choices become familiar, with red beans, or pulut, or both (for the glutton in everyone of us!). The creamy, sweet and almost sinful concoction at Ansari's Famous Cendol renders my cendol experience slightly more satisfying, in comparison to the watered-down version at Bismillah's.

Bismillah Cendol And Ansari Famous Cendol

Ansari Famous Cendol - Now helmed by the THIRD generation, as stated on the board hanging above all the action.
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