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Go Nutz with Big Apple Donuts!
Is the donut craze still going on in Malaysia? While we might not see long queues outside any particular donut shop these days, we do see new outlets of our favourite donut franchise mushrooming across Malaysia.

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee began its quest of donut domination not long ago in May 2007. Now with more 30 outlets and among the latest at Alamanda Putrajaya, they are here to prove that donuts are here to stay in Malaysia.

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee

The new outlet at Alamanda Putrajaya is everything Big Apple stands for; a showcase of excellence where “every piece is a masterpiece”. Opened since December 2008, the store is located at the main entrance of Alamanda Putrajaya.

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee

All Big Apple stores, likewise the one at Alamanda Putrajaya feature a breezy ambiance with big glass panels which enables people to take a peek into the donut making process. With its bright and cheery colour, it is impossible not to notice a Big Apple store when strolling around in a mall.

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee

If you find yourself having a tough time deciding which flavour to choose, simply go for the all time favourites. Some all time favourites include Mango Tango, a refreshing blend of mango and apricot flavour which is not too sweet and easy on the palette.

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee, Mango Tango with Go Nutz
Mango Tango with Go Nutz

The Rolling Stone is a fragrant tribute Ceylon’s famous cinnamon with Big Apple’s special glazing to keep the cinnamon powder intact on the donut.

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee, Rolling Stone

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee, Rolling Stone
'Rolling Stone'

Fans of peanuts would immediately go nuts (Pun intended) with Go Nutz, a nutty doughnut glazed with dark chocolate and topped off with a heavy load of peanuts. Do take caution when eating Go Nutz as it could end up as a messy affair.

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee, Go Nutz
'Go Nutz'

Oreo fans would rejoice with Choreo, a yummy blend of white chocolate and Oreo. Kids would love it, and adults would secretly break their diet to munch it.

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee, Choreo

One special feature at Big Apple Alamanda is that they provide diners with cutleries if they choose to enjoy the donuts in the store. This added convenience allows diners to enjoy yummy donuts without having to mess up their hand in the process. Currently, Big Apple Alamanda is one of the few stores which provide cutleries to its diners.

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee

For another added convenience, Big Apple Alamanda is equipped with Wi-Fi services which are provided to diners free of charge.

Big Apple Donuts and Coffee
Lot G18/19, Ground Floor,
Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre,
Jalan Alamanda, Presint 1,
62000 Putrajaya.

Tel: 03-88905979


Opening hours: 10am-10pm
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