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Allongs Nasi Lemak & Lontong @ Ipoh Garden
In search of the best Nasi Lemak in Ipoh, I started the ball running with a visit to Allongs Restaurant in Ipoh Garden, within walking distance to Woolley Food City and directly behind of Medan Aneka Selera.

Allongs Restaurant is famous for their Nasi Lemak, hands down the epitome of great Malaysian breakfast. You can opt to have your coconut milk-laden fragrant rice to be served with any of the condiments, or side dishes available at the counter, or just trust them on their best bet; aka their signature – Nasi Lemak Sotong Kering.

Allongs Restaurant

And no, this is not a piece of chicken feet, or a duck’s webbed feet. But instead, a chewy and utterly addictive piece of dried cuttlefish cooked in a spicy chili paste, or Sambal Sotong Kering.

Aside from Nasi Lemak, the crowd goes for Allongs’ equally delicious Lontong, which is a typical Malay dish consisting of boiled compressed rice ala 'ketupat', served in a watery yet decadent broth that tasted redolent of 'santan', turmeric, chili paste and various spices.

Roti Bakar (Toast with Coconut Jam/Kaya and Margarine) and a cup of frothy pulled milk tea (Teh Tarik) to complete your breakfast, Allongs Restaurant
Roti Bakar (Toast with Coconut Jam/Kaya and Margarine) and a cup of frothy pulled milk tea (Teh Tarik) to complete your breakfast

Allongs Restaurant

Allongs' Sambal Sotong Kering is very different from the usual Sambal Sotong Kering served in Malay stalls. Its version of the dried cuttlefish was sliced very thinly, slightly tougher than the average, but provided a toothsome appeal. And the spicy sambal with a faint tinge of sweetness was spot-on. I was hooked, and polished off the cuttlefish with much gusto.

The Lontong came highly recommended as well. I had to concur, for the boiled compressed rice cakes cooked in a soupy broth that had a right balance of sweet, spicy and savoury. Cabbages, dried shrimps and pan-fried grated coconut topped the ensemble. Most importantly, the Sambal Sotong Kering was also served together with the Lontong! At RM3.20/USD1.00 per plate, this was worth the effort.

Lontong, Allongs Restaurant

The Nasi Lemak and Lontong with Sambal Sotong Kering are reasons enough to pay Allongs Restaurant a visit. I was tempted to try their Sambal Peparu as well. They also serve Soto, Mee Kari and Mee Sup for breakfast, and Nasi Campur, the Malay style of rice and dishes for lunch.

Allongs Restaurant
Allongs Restaurant has no easily-discernible signboard from the outside, hence slow down and look for the breakfast crowd on the small lane that runs behind of Medan Aneka Selera

Allongs Restaurant (Halal)
24, Pesara Ipoh 1, Taman Ipoh,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.

Telephone : 605-547 8761, 6012-588 0949 / 6013-599 0949 (Hj Zabidin)

Business hours : 7.15am – 4.00pm. Closed on Sundays.

Allongs Restaurant is situated directly behind of Medan Aneka Selera, the stretch of hawker stalls in Ipoh Garden named “Tung Koo Thing”. Same row with Denis Jazz Bistro, and within stone’s throw from Woolley Food City, Kam Hor Bean Sprouts Chicken, and Yat Yat Seng Curry Mee.
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